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What is McCarty Training?


McCarty Training, (MT), is a Cycling Company specializing in Mountain Biking Skills Clinics, and Fitness Training. Started in 1997 by Florida's avid racer Bob McCarty, this company has taught numerous people young and old, beginner to expert, the fundamentals of Mountain Biking.


MT offers a variety of programs geared around the current skill level and goals of each rider. Some examples of these programs are: Introduction to Mountain Biking, Mountain Biking 101, Mountain Biking 102, Mountain Biking 103, and Advanced Mountain Biking.


During these fun and exciting classes you will be coached by Bob McCarty for an unbelievable one on one experience. Multi person and multi coach clinics are available also. While working together you will be challenged with learning pedal stroke, cornering, braking, starts, climbing, descending, line selection, and much much more.

Who is Bob McCarty?


Bob started riding bicycles at the age of 4, but did not begin mountain biking until 1986 at the age of 14. From 1986 to 1995 he rode but not competed. His first race was with Gone Riding in November of 1995 at Razor Back Park, in Ocala Fl. On the starting line of the beginner wave he had on Vans sneakers, T-shirt, cut off jeans, and a waist bag that had enough tools to break down and assemble an entire bike. Even though he had been mountain biking for 9 years, he did not belong there! He threw up after the first 3 miles and doesn’t believe he even finished. Driving home with his stomach in shambles, he started to feel better and something came over him to give it another shot. So he did! In 1995, living in Tallahassee, he entered local races as a beginner. By the end of that year he had finished 2nd in the 19-29 Expert class. In 1997, he won the overall Spring and Fall Series, upgraded to Semi – Pro, and landed his first manufacturer sponsorship with Iron Horse Bicycles. During 1998 and 1999, with Iron Horse as a sponsor, he competed in some Nationals, as well as regionals.


In December of 1999 he moved from Tallahassee to Ft Lauderdale and started a new career. Having never thrown a leg over a bike, but a few times in a 5 year span, made him crazy! So he did what any sane cyclist would do; He quit his job, started his own business, and got back on the bike. He struggled a little in the beginning of 2005 with less than stellar finishes, but was determined to be on top again! Now at the age of 50, he has competed in over 450 events, and feels in the best shape of his life. He is looking forward to a long, long career racing and teaching you how to be SAFE CONFIDENT and IN CONTROL!

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