Required on First Trainings

MTB 101                                       $120     90 min             Allow a minimum of 2 weeks before scheduling next session

MTB 102                                       $120     90 min             Allow a minimum of 2 weeks before scheduling next session

MTB 103                                       $120     90 min 

             ALL CLASSES ARE DONE ONE ON ONE, (MTB 101 can be multiple people, see details below)

Only after MTB 101,102,and 103 are complete,

60 Minute Coaching / Training         $65

90 Minute Coaching / Training         $100

MTB Fitting                                   $75

Kids (Under12)                              $50        60 min


Group Training                              $175       2 Hrs.            2 People (MTB 101 ONLY)

                                                   $225       2 Hrs.            3 People (MTB 101 ONLY)

                                                   Call for details              4 People or More


Destination Racing / Training / Coaching                         Call or Email for details

Gift Certificates                                                            Call or Email for details

Off Bike Coaching, Training Peaks, Race Consultation       Call or Email for details


Vista View Climbing Training

Every Tuesday     5:30-7:00  (Summer Hours)       $10       

                            4:30-5:30  (Winter Hours)       $10       

Every Thursday    5:30-7:00  (Summer Hours)       $10       

                          4:30-5:30    (Winter Hours)       $10       


Package Deals

Hourly Coaching / Training               $550                         10 hrs       One Time Only

Monthly Vista View                          $50                           Unlimited

Do you want to get fit? 

Do you want to be a stronger rider? 

Are you training for a big event? 





Bob McCarty and Robert Smith have teamed up to offer the ultimate in cyclist training.  We know Bob can teach you all the skills you need, but now Rob can make sure you are optimizing all the training time you spend on and off your bike!


There are all levels of programs to be a part of, but regardless of which you choose to join, the ultimate goal is to maximize your ONE ON ONE coaching sessions with Bob and ensure you are focusing on the most effective fitness techniques at every workout to achieve your individual goals. From fully custom programs with daily interaction to monthly consulting programs, we have you covered!


CONTACT US for more details or to sign-up today! 





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